How to sync apps from apptrackr to itunes

6. října 2011 v 4:02

Syncing apps, movies, music, and books to the iPad is a snap: just plug the iPad into your How to sync apps from apptrackr to itunes computer and syncing will happen automatically. But, if you want more choice .
someone said: thats not the answer sorry. the answer is . when itunes loads with your ipod iphone what ever. cancel sync . . go to file and then hit transfer .
I know how to sync cracked apps from itunes to an iphone, but I've no idea on how to sync apps downloaded from installous to itunes. I have appsync f.
When I go to sync apps to my friends iPod from my own iTunes, it comes up with this: Are you sure you want to .
Best Answer: Are you in Installous?There's an option in the "settings" of Installous that says "Itunes sync" Check it and you should be able to sync it.I don't know .
Discussion | Help > iTunes . How to sync apps from apptrackr to itunes Recently I've "upgraded" to iTunes 10, this is beginning to pi** me off. I am unable . Another update, I decided to share my solution .
Hi, I recommend a very professional ipod transfer.
i have an ipod 2g ios 4.0 and installous 3.0. i tried going to the settings in installous and change it to itunes sync and .
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