How can i get my jvc tv off standby

6. října 2011 v 4:29

Hello, I hope someone out there can help me, my next stop is the repair shop I have a 3 year old JVC AV 32X37 TV set. A couple of days ago it started turning it's self off.
i went to change the bulb in my tv after i was done i turned it on i had picture and sound turn it off for like 1 hour.
can i get speakers to supplement my lg tv? in LCD TVs . does not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any "CompareStorePrices- Ask Anything .
I have a JVC tv its kinda old and it stopped turning on this morning. theres a little red light on the front panel thingy that keeps flashing and above it it says "on .
When i turn on my JVC AV28R100EKS television, it stays on for as long as it takes for the picture to come on and then turns itself onto standby. I can't then turn the tv .
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How can i get my jvc tv off standby

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my tv wont turn on but the standby button is flashing?? . had same problem a few months ago and did resets How can i get my jvc tv off standby and just let stand and got up one day and it was on so just left .

I have an older jvc television. Occasionly, the picture goes to a horizontal line of light. I can get the picture back if I turn the TV off then on again. Is this .
Ray Standby power result in electrical damage in an applicance that is turned off during a power surge
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