Does adderall or ritalin make you tired

6. října 2011 v 4:16

Too much energy would be one major thing. Ritalin is a form of Speed, so adding caffeine and sugar to that would probably make most people jittery and make it difficult if .
Adderall makes your tired becuase it gives you a boost and then your body begins to slow down. Speak Does adderall or ritalin make you tired to your doctor about it and maybe he can give you Does adderall or ritalin make you tired something else or .
Narcolepsy . "I tried searching the archvies but can't seem to find an answer: The last few months . " � "Hi, While it's hard to imagine that a stimulant would .
One of the real payoffs for me with working at mindfulness was eliminating being upset about being upset. The non-judgmental observing has allowed me to realize that my .
[Archive] Does Adderall XR make you tired? ADD / ADHD
i was diagnosed with ADHD, and my doctor prescribed me to adderall. i was never fat but not skinny, about 143 pounds and 5`3 (basically a size 6---> a medium). so far .
Did Adderall make you tired? Posted by Garnet71 on March 27, 2009, at 19:49:22. What the hell is up with this stuff? It feels just like when I took the Ritalin, moreso at .
It doesn't. ..I don't why it would ever make you sleepy, because it has never made me sleep. Quite the opposite. That is not true. I have the same problem.
Does Ritalin or Adderal make you feel overly calm and euphoric rather than focused?
I want to make a compuetr based working model for an exihibition.please suggest options and how tto make them using thermocol & other stuffs?
If medication like Concerta, Ritalin, or Adderall makes you tired, does it mean you have ADD? The KGB Agent answer: Not Medical Advice: Drowsiness is a side
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